BodiTrak is the most portable and reliable pressure mapping system in the world of golf.

We now have the fastest connecting wireless golf pressure mapping system in the world and more integrated partners including launch and 3D systems are joining the BodiTrak Team everyday.

Trusted by over 7,000 instructors globally, BodiTrak has become the most well known pressure mat on the planet. Even used by some of the biggest names in the golf instruction business like Martin Chuck, Chris Foley, Derek Ingram, and Jake Thurm.

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Meet Our Team

Libby Ellis

Director of Sales

Libby has spent her career in the health and wellness industry. As an exercise physiologist, she has a passion for helping others live and move better. She focuses on working from the ground up – building a strong foundation for proper movement patterns. Despite having spent many years in sales leadership in healthcare, wellness, and fitness channels, Libby loves bringing new technology to professionals that allows them to do their job better. Libby is an SI Joint, Thoracic Spine, Injury & Special Populations Specialist, Brain Health Trainer, TPI Golf BioMechanist 2, Golf Fitness 3, and Junior Golf Fitness 2 Instructor.  

Terry Hashimoto

BodiTrak Co-Founder​

Terry Hashimoto is a pioneer of pressure mapping technology. He’s travelled the world collecting pressure mapping data, studying common denominators of the best players, and sharing that knowledge to help golfers “quantify feel” using the BodiTrak system.

Prior to founding BodiTrak, Terry founded Jazz Golf which became Canada’s first publicly traded golf manufacturing company. He also invented one of the worlds first speed rated graphite shaft fitting system –  inertial measuring systems for angular velocities, club head speeds and path.

Terry graduated from the University of Miami with a business degree where he played on a golf scholarship. He went on to play professionally on Canadian and US PGA Tours kick starting his career in the golf business.

Ryan Groves

VP Sales & Marketing

Prior to joining BodiTrak, Ryan spent 20 years at Bridgestone Tires, working in the motorsports, marketing, and commercial tires fields. With respect to the latter, he managed the tire program for the world’s largest trucking company.

Ryan first learned of BodiTrak in 2008, after being introduced to it by his golf pro and using it to improve his own game. At BodiTrak, he takes pride in ensuring each customer is successful in their application of the BodiTrak system. 

Ryan lives in Indianapolis with his wife, two daughters and their ever-changing rotation of foster dogs. He is an avid amateur golfer, playing as often as his schedule permits.


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