Tailor made for:

Individual Players

Backed by renowned instructors, BodiTrak is the perfect companion for any level golfer, looking to drastically improve their game.

How it works:



During your routine set up and swing, the pressure mat will capture everything about your movement.



Easily diagnose problems within your swing utilizing the real time data using the BodiTrak App.



Using the information given to you, you can now drastically improve your game.

My job is to make golfers better so they have more fun. With BodiTrak, I can quickly shed light on how the golfer in front of me can move better and improve their swing sequence for more rewarding golf shots.

- Martin Chuck, Owner of Tour Striker

Golf Instructors

Instuctors all over the globe rely on and utilize BodiTrak to help empower and improve their players.


Individual Players

BodiTrak is the most portable and affordable pressure plate on the market, and is tailor made for the individual golfer who wants to drastically improve their game.

Ready to elevate your game?

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