How it works

BodiTrak generates a complete Pressure Mapping Picture of the pressure generated during your golf swing in all directions, Side to Side, Heel to Toe, Down and Up

The game of golf requires incredible attentional to detail and countless repetition. 

Adding a BodiTrak system to your routine swing will help you unlock a part of your game faster than you never thought imaginable. Our patented pressure sensing technology, combined with the BodiTrak Golf App, will allow you to see the inner workings of your swing life never before.

Swing Anytime

BodiTrak’s portable and wireless design allows you to take your pressure mat anywhere on the golf course or driving range.


The BodiTrak Golf App presents unique data during and after each swing. A built in video feature will allow you to dissect all aspects of your swing while comparing it to vital measurements such as center of pressure (COP) trace, velocity, and weight distribution.


Identify flaws in your swing and see improvements in real time. By understanding your body’s interaction with the ground and ball, the BodiTrak system allows you to unlock new parts of your game.

Set up is as easy as...


Lay mat flat on the ground


Remove power bank from carrying case


Place velcro side of power bank on top of velcro strip that is attached to mat.


Connect USB cord to power bank.


Connect mat to BodiTrak App on your iPad.


Stand on pressure mat to allow CoP to capture your stance, and swing away!

BodiTrak Dictionary

COP Center of Pressure : Average of all the forces between your feet while standing on BodiTrak created by gravity

Vertical Force : based on the unit total of 1 when you stand on BodiTrak the relative downward force generated by each foot and sum thereof

Swing Analysis : BodiTrak generates a complete Pressure Mapping Picture of the pressure generated during your golf swing in all directions, Side to Side, Heel to Toe, Down and Up

Scattered Trace : COP Pressure Moves randomly during a golfers swing in all directions

Fish Hook Trace : COP Pressure Moves towards the toes in the downswing creating a pattern that looks like a Fish Hook

Lateral Trace : COP Pressure Moves straight back then into the toes and or the heels and forms a parallel line towards impact

Linear Trace : COP Pressure Moves straight back and through during your swing

Abbreviated Trace : COP Pressure Moves back not very far to the Trail Side and then straight through to impact

Squirrel Trace : Can be a Lateral and or Linear Trace, but just prior to impact the COP Pressure makes a little circle, going back but then forward again prior to impact

Heel to Toe Trace : COP Trace moves straight from the trail side to the lead toe at or near impact

Z Trace : COP Trace looks like a Heel to Toe Trace but prior to impact the COP Pressure moves straight back to the trail side

Back Up: COP Pressure Moves backwards and stays there prior to impact

Lead Side: Front Side of the Golfer closest to target

Trail Side: Back Side of the Golfer furthest to target

Velocity Chart : Speed of COP measured in Lateral, and Heel to Toe motion

Vertical Force Chart : Relative value Pressure down during the golfers swing, referred to as Vertical based on the notion that in golf down is up

Release Factor : Time from Peak Velocity to Impact

Peak Velocity : Point in Time of fastest lateral motion

What’s A Trace?

Trace Definition A plotted line representing the location of the CoP on the ground at each instance in time during a particular movement.   Types

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