BodiTrak Golf Certification/Education Course Free With Purchase

Looking to learn more what a BodiTrak Golf Pressure Mat can do for your game? Let us help! From now on, when you purchase a BodiTrak Golf Mat, you will gain access to our education program, that has been used to educate some of the best golf minds in the world. Core Topics Covered: Ground […]

What’s A Trace?

Trace Definition A plotted line representing the location of the CoP on the ground at each instance in time during a particular movement.   Types of Traces Scattered Trace Abbreviated Trace Fish Hook Trace Heel-Toe Trace Lateral Trace Linear Trace Figure 8 Trace Z Trace   Scattered Trace Vertical Forces are moving in all directions […]

The BodiTrak Podcast: Jeff Eisenband

This week I got to speak to Jeff Eisenband. If you don’t know who Jeff is, you may have seen one of his many viral tweets. He also has a very eclectic career with his foot in a lot of industries. He’s a host for the NBA 2K League, PGA Tour Live, and MSG Networks. […]

BodiTrak Podcast: Tom Coyne

Tom Coyne is a NY Times Bestselling Author, Senior Writer at The Golfer’s Journal, and Professor at St. Joseph’s University. He is best known for his works such as Paper Tiger, A Course Called Ireland, and his new book A Course Called America, which comes out this spring. In my chat with Tom, we talk […]

BodiTrak Podcast: John Buccigross

John Buccigross is an  Anchor/Broadcaster for ESPN. He has been there since 1996. He is also the creator of the Bucciovertime Challenge and according to fellow broadcaster, Dan Patrick, the best golfer at ESPN. This week I chatted with John about his time at ESPN, what the Bucciovertime Challenge is, and what it felt like […]

BodiTrak Podcast: Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins is best known for being the former lead on ABC’s “The Bachelor”, along with being the Cohost of Bachelor on Stage. But he also has founded a coffee company, wrote a book, and has opened several restaurants around the Denver area. On this episode of the BodiTrak Podcast, I get to speak to […]

Pressure Shift Drill – Ryan Groves

At what point do you want to get the proper pressure shift forward in your golf swing? Did you know the best ball strikers in the world start the shift of pressure before their hands start the downswing? Need a good drill to help? We got you!

Tee Drill to Improve Movements and Ball Striking

  Looking to improve the movement of pressure within your golf swing? Maybe help with ball striking? Try this simple drill using just a simple golf tee to help with both! Eoin Gibbons is a PGA Tour Professional, based out of Dublin Ireland, at the Kinsealy Grange Golf Academy. He is available for lessons and […]