Welcome to the new BodiTrak X web and blogging site.

It has been an amazing journey developing the 1st portable roll up able golf pressure mapping system on the planet.

Surrounded by an amazing team of Professional Golf Instructor Advisors, Leading Bio Mechanics and input from those of you that work so hard every day on the tee deck making golfers all around the globe play better golf using the latest golf pressure mapping technology, what we’ve learned and shared has changed the way golfers learn golf forever.

BodiTrak with your help has made Pressure Mapping an undeniable fundamental of golf teaching in just 1 decade. BodiTrak has validated many of the teaching methods you all have honed over the years and made better, faster, stronger the way in which golfers grasp how their feet interact with the ground to achieve optimal performance in their games and very likely helped a lot of touring pros earn a ton of money in the process as well.

Thanks to you BodiTrak is used in every country where golf is played and has more than 7000 professional users world wide this is unprecedented in my years in the professional golf business, not even metal woods changed the game that much that fast.

The good news is, BodiTrak continues to evolve. We now have the fastest connecting wireless golf pressure mapping system in the world and more integrated partners including launch and 3D systems are joining the BodiTrak Team everyday.

V1 has been an amazing software partner and that we can connect BodiTrak to a Smart Phone, capture high speed camera at 240 FPS, with Pressure in all directions, side to side, heel to toe and vertical all on one screen, annotate, side by side compare and voice over for immediate lessons to your students is simply something that we now consider, even take for granted. The time and research V1 has spent to develop this all this is just remarkable and an undeniable testament to their team and resolve, we are so proud to have them as our partners.

As we enter 2021, so many golfers now are using BodiTrak & V1 Pressure Mapping that there never has been a better time to get new golfers out and about, learn faster, play stronger and even find new revenue models like teaching golfers how to use technology in addition to just traditional playing lessons.

Our direction is clear and our path visible with your satisfaction our emphasis. Thank you for an amazing decade and come join us on an amazing ride in 2021

Kindest regards

Terry Hashimoto
Co Founder BodiTrak Golf

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