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It has been an amazing journey developing the 1st portable roll up able golf pressure mapping system on the planet. Surrounded by an amazing team of Professional Golf Instructor Advisors, Leading Bio Mechanics and input from those of you that work so hard every day on the tee deck making golfers all around the globe […]

BodiTrak Talk: Erik Horve

PGA and LPGA Tour Coach, Erik Horve, discusses the importance of 3D Swing Analysis, the use of technology in lessons, the surge in golf popularity, and much more!

BodiTrak Podcast: James Robinson

James Robinson is a prominent YouTube Creator and Golf Instructor, based out of Sheffield, England. With over 100,000 YT subscribers, James is one of the biggest content creators in the golf world today.

BodiTrak Talk: Alex Clapp

Tour Coach, Alex Clapp, sits down to chat about BodiTrak, playing golf in America, what it’s like to coach during a pandemic, and much more!

BodiTrak Talk: Derek Ingram

Canadian National Golf Coach, Derek Ingram, discusses coaching in Rio, coaching the Canadian National Golf Team, and much more!